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LITZ’s collection offers a range of unprecedented designs using meticulous craftsmanship that elevates one’s senses for extraordinarily beautiful jewelries.

STOLEN HEART is one of our standout jewelry makers’ exclusive collections featuring IGI certified Hearts & Arrows diamonds with designs crafted by our team of international designers. The best diamonds are selected by master diamond cutters to ensure perfect proportions, symmetry and polish. With its premium value and timeless beauty, the STOLEN HEART collection are prized possessions for celebrities, high–end diamond collectors and socialites.

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Our jewelry collections are designed with exclusivity in mind.

At LITZ, our designers are given creative freedom to challenge today’s design status quo and evolve designs that explore the desires of our customers.

ADAMAS showcases specially sourced 916 Gold collections designed to suit the tasteful preferences of distinguished customers. This line of 916 gold has proved to be especially popular in this region, especially Singapore.

The TANG line of jewelry features pure 999 gold crafted specifically for customers with an orient flair. For TANG, we pride ourselves for our exquisite wedding collection as well as our unique selection of precious jewels worthy to be kept as family treasures and lasting heirlooms.

Today’s youth demands unconventional designs that combines glamorous gems and diamonds together with stylish precious metals. To cater to this unique request, we created a special line codenamed 12AM that offers equally expressive and daring jewelry designs for the young and trendy.

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